Exerkine uses recent findings in physiology to identify novel biological compounds and delivery platforms that can be harnessed to treat genetic disorders and a variety of aging-associated diseases.


Exosomes are a sub-class of double-membrane extracellular vesicles (40-100 nm) that are produced and secreted by almost all cell types. The exosomes contain biological compounds (peptides and RNA species) that appear to promote inter-cellular communication. Our proprietary bioengineering methods harness the power of exosomes as drug-delivery vehicles by packaging disease-targeted biological compounds into the exosomes for delivery to the affected area of the body. Our therapy harnesses the body’s natural systems to dramatically improve the delivery and effectiveness of therapeutic targets. Currently, we are exploring the use of this delivery mechanism in a variety of other disease realms.


Exerkines™ are a small class of biological active compounds (peptides, RNA) that are released into the circulatory system in response to exercise. These compounds have beneficial effects on various tissues and organs in the body. These beneficial effects can be harnessed to provide therapeutic treatments to rare genetic and aging-associated diseases.

Our research program is actively identifying and screening hundreds of potential biological compounds for use as a therapeutic strategy for genetic and aging-associated diseases. Currently, we are testing the most promising compounds for further commercial developments.